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Tisza Lake

The flat country of the Alföld and the rolling Tisza is an interesting meeting place and offers magical natural surroundings for one of the most active summers you'll ever having your life at Tisza Lake!
The magic of the place is that it gives the opportunity for those who like the water to enjoy the swimming and sunbathing possibilities at the resorts while others can do a little quiet fishing or birdwatching or learn about the plant life as friends of nature.
Tisza Lake, which is in the palm of the country, offers a variety of programs for those who wish to have an active holiday. Take an adventure on a horse riding tour which leads through hidden labyrinths, or a romantic canoe trip, or a twisting turning bicycle ride, or an adrenaline stimulating flight, or spend a few hours fishing on romantic islands or just simply spend a long lazy afternoon on the beach. Here, everything is possible. Turn your free time into an experience with us!

A Tempting Road

A few dacades ago people had an extraordinary idea, and conjured up a lake right in the middle of the steppe, the Great Hungarian Plain. This extraordinary area of 127 square kms, created by damming the River Tisza, was given the name Lake Tisza.
We rightly called it extraordinary because it is not even strictly speakin a lake, because of the river current that flows through it. At some spots, where we see the sailboats and windsurfers skimming over the choppy waters, or the colourful cavalcade of guesthouses and restaurants, or when we hear the merry hubbub of bathers, we could imagine ourselves at a smaller brother of the Balaton.

Bird Nature Reserve of Lake Tisza

Visitors with oars

Offering splendours by the thousand Lake Tisza is most willing to reveal its hidden treasures and unrivalled assets to those who would approach them by water. The bird reserve located in the Tiszavalk inlet at the north of the lake is a rigorously protected natural resource entered on the list of internationally recognised waterfowl habitats and it is also part of the Hortobágy National Park which was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Water tourism

On the wings of the wind and the backs of the waves

The continuous 14 km˛ surface of Abádszalók Inlet at the south of the lake is (uniquely in Europe) open for motorised sport, and this makes this area a paradise for the lovers of aquatic sports. The surfboards and sailboats glide with their sails like colourful butterflies. In their proximity motorboats draw circles and water skiers fly on the waves.

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